Monday, April 20, 2009

Registration ending soon for Beats and Bytes!

Join the Potomac Valley Chapter and CUA Student Chapter of ASIST for our panel discussion of music, ethics, and technology.

As social media technologies continue to advance, how will the effects of these innovations be experienced by musicians, their audiences, and the information professionals who organize music? While websites ranging from iTunes to MySpace to and Pandora abound, how can you best navigate these spaces ethically while discovering new talent or learning more about favorite genres? What's now, and what's next?

The Potomac Valley Chapter of ASIS&T is pleased to bring you local musicians, information professionals, and music experts on a lively panel discussion about the many fascinating issues that the Information Age brings to music and its analysis.

Panelists (Invited):

  • Brent Burton
  • Raul DeLeon
  • Ben Licciardi
  • Michael Pahn
  • Ginger Richards

For more details- and registration- please see our registration page:

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